I like dub Kaiba but he really just drives me up the damn wall sometimes. Like here, for example. I’m torn between wanting to punch him in the face for still refusing to believe that magic exists and wanting to laugh because he ends up going to Egypt anyway.

Then again, Egypt is the land of de Nile so he should feel right at home there.

Man, sometimes…dub Kaiba just needs to choke on his own stupid words lol but the English dialogue here is HILARIOUS lmfao he’s talking to the eye? hahahaha

"I’m not flying to Egypt!" mmmhmm Dub Kaiba contradicts himself constantly

I thought the Japanese version was cute, he hears his Dragon crying ;___; and it compels him to Egypt. But why am I not surprised the dub would write over his relationship with his Dragons/Kisara?

theabcsofjustice you deserve a smack for that terrible Nile joke lmao <3

But it was right there, how could I resist? ;_;

Kaiba having an argument with the Eye is still one of my favorite scenes in the dub. He is just so ridiculous, especially when he’s complaining that it’s just a card game. It’s like, dude, you’re the one who built a jet to look like your favorite card remember? XD